Attendance and punctuality

At St. Fatima School we aim to give students the utmost benefit from education, so disorderwe give attendance and punctuality a high priority. We believe that poor attendance and punctuality affect the individual and the work of the class. To ensure the maximum students’ attendance and punctuality, we grant and encourage a welcoming and positive atmosphere, so that the student feels his presence is valued, motivate the parents to support our policy as an imperative contribution towards their child’s education. We also enforce time punctuality for school hours. We aim to teach children promptness, reliability, and punctuality.

St. Fatima School attendance and punctuality policy
According to school regulations, students should attend at least 85% of the school days per year otherwise their exams may be cancelled. Absence is only allowed for very serious and valid reasons. The school should be informed of medical related absence through the phone. Later a medical report should be submitted administration to school. Abide strictly by school hours. Students who come late are not permitted to enter the classes.

School Uniform

Requiring students to wear school uniform emphasises our belief in the identity of the school. It also underlines the importance of being neat and tidy in all aspects of school life. We would remind parents that extremes of fashion are inappropriate to a school environment. Pupils not dressed in the correct uniform will either be sent home to change, or will work separately from other pupils for the rest of the day.

The school places great importance on uniform, and we look to the support of parents to ensure that our rules are followed.

The St. Fatima Language Division’s uniform is a green polo shirt and beige trousers for boys and girls. The Foundation and Primary Uniform has beige Bermuda shorts for the summer with white socks and black leathered shoes. Open shoes or sabots may not be worn at school. Girls with long hair must have it tied back. Jewellery may not be worn with the Uniform.

The winter uniform has long trousers and a green sweatshirt and sweater with the same colour. The date for wearing winter uniform will be announced.

Physical education (P.E.) uniform is required for all sports activities. We ask you to provide dark blue training suit and a white T shirt with a pair of white tennis (sport) shoes. It is not allowed to attend any sport without the P.E. uniform.

Behavior and Discipline

The ultimate aim of the school is to raise a young generation of students with high moral principles and excellent academic standards. In order for the two to co-exist, and if we are to achieve any positive results, certain standards of discipline must be maintained to provide a suitable framework within which to work. Consequently, we would appreciate the co-operation and participation of parents so that this aim can be reached.
Students should keep a good general appearance and wear the school uniform in a tidy fashion. Sticking to school uniform indicates how much the students are committed to and proud of their School. Also, please note that students should wear their school uniform during final exams and revisions.
Students ought to follow the required behaviour in the classrooms as well as in the playgrounds and all the facilities of the school, so as to provide a suitable environment. An appropriate action will be taken by the school if any student insists on and persists in breaking the rules and regulations of the school.
Students have to treat and use school property (e.g. walls, chairs, interactive white boards, laboratories, tools posters, bathrooms etc.) with care. In case of any damage, the responsible student will be subjected to a penalty, especially if the damage has been caused intentionally. Students are also expected to behave with propriety when using the school premises in an improper manner.
Bring to school only the books necessary for daily use. Any other publications are absolutely forbidden and will be taken confiscated by the school administration.
Bring to school only the books necessary for daily use. Any other publications are absolutely forbidden.
Mobiles, MP3, MP4, etc. are strictly forbidden at school as they may be misused by the students. Consequently, if a student brings any of these devices, they will be confiscated by the school and will only be returned to the parents. We would like to stress on the fact that all students are allowed to use the school’s telephones if they need to contact their parents during the school day.

Prizes and awards

At St. Fatima Schools, we motivate and encourage our students to excel, by rewarding the correct behaviour and excellence rather than criticizing unwanted behaviour and negligence. We deem children replicate activities that are rewarded and praised. We also make use of children’s urge to the feeling of achievement and recognition; rewards for good work produce those superior feelings.

Certificates and Medals are awarded to the top three students in each class in the Mid-Year and Final Exams. Medals are also awarded to the outstanding students who contribute in school activities. Gifts are presented to students according to their discipline, punctuality, academic excellence, good manners and behaviour. These gifts are based on the record of points of merits in their school diary given by their teachers.

Parent Meetings

We aim to create a continuous channel of communication between school and parents. This communication is very important for the students’ success as it guarantees mutual understanding of the moral and educational goals that we seek. Also, close contact with parents, aside from the parents/ teachers meetings, is very much encouraged as we believe that they play an active role in their children’s education. We believe that parents are the most vital factor in developing a learning culture at home that values education in the broadest sense, and nurtures confident learners who can cope with the setbacks and the challenges that life throws at them.

Our overall objective to holding parents’ meetings are to help their children understand school culture and procedures; and to improve communication between St. Fatima teachers, and parents. We inform parents on daily basis, of any misconduct of their sons or daughters at school. They are also informed of any new events that may come out during the year.