School Facilites


All Classes are equipped with interactive boards. These are powered by easy – to – use software whereby the whiteboard becomes a computer screen viewable by the entire class. Teachers can access all online information to support the academic curriculum. Classrooms are   also equipped with a central sound system for listening activities. Each classroom accommodates up to 25 students only to allow for optimum student – teacher interaction and maximize their ability to acquire knowledge, classrooms are renovated on yearly basis.

To ensure the delivery of the best service to our students, St. Fatima is glad to announce to you the start of implementing LMS (Learning Management System) for the Primary years and British and American Middle Schools. St. Fatima School was very determined in selecting the right application that will help the school to reach its development objective, namely, ITWorx Education CLG (Connected Learning Gateway).

Moreover, St Fatima School was selected by Microsoft as a Microsoft Showcase School for its, excellence in transforming its learning environment to deliver more personalized education to students, using mobile and cloud technology to better prepare students for success in the workplace.

Science Labs

State – of – the – art laboratories are available for each science subject: Biology, Chemistry, and physics where students get the chance to develop their practical skills and conduct experiments related to the curriculum. All laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and materials available for each field as well as a wide range of equipment for student use. The laboratories follow the most up to date international standards of safety and hygiene where fume hood, goggles and gloves must be used.


In SFS’s main library, books, magazines, and periodicals are available in large numbers and in a wide variety. Its extension is more of a comfortable reading room including a wide selection of reference books together with computers connected to the Internet for student use. We also offer our students an Online Library where they get to enjoy the ease of searching for their desired books through a user friendly interface using multiple keywords. Students may either opt for reading online or downloading their chosen eBooks and saving them for future access using their barcode.

IT Labs

Each one of our IT laboratories is equipped with brand-name networked machines with a good range of software to give our students the best technology education. IT laboratories are also equipped with interactive whiteboards providing a large display of the teacher’s computer screen. Each machine is connected to the Internet (SDSL) and every two computers are equipped with a separate printer. For the safety of our students, the floor of the IT Labs is made of special material, which perfectly absorbs all electrical charges.

Medical Clinic

The School has a resident doctor and a fully equipped clinic. Our resident doctor is available during school hours. Students, who show medical symptoms during the school day, will be directed to the clinic’s doctor after issuing a slip from the administration. In the event of any medical emergencies that are beyond the school’s facilities, students will be immediately transferred to one of the nearby reputable hospitals and their parents will be informed.

Food Court

SFS offers its students a huge open-air food court with a vast variety of international founded food chain brands. Both cold and hot meals as well as drinks are available to students, all day long.

Sports Facilities (courts, covered swimming pools and GYM)

Providing an improved play-time environment can positively impact the students’ school life. Aiming at increasing the quantity and quality of physical activity and sports; we have football, basketball, and volleyball courts as well as all the appropriate equipment needed for playing these sports. In addition, the School has a heated and covered swimming pool as well as a fully equipped gymnasium that is managed by professional trainers. We also provide supervision to assist in the usage of all sports facilities.

Transportation Facilities

WE Offer safe and comfortable transportation to almost every area in Cairo. This is done through a fleet of buses supplied by a private transport company and managed by SFS. Buses are air conditioned, In excellent condition and fully monitored using our state – of – the – art GPS tracking system and surveillance cameras. We are able to enhance our students’ safety by monitoring the buses’ routes and speed. In addition, we monitor students’ drop – off and pick up times and track the location of buses in real – time.