SFS is a highly respected school located in Cairo, Egypt. We take pride in providing the next generation of Egyptians with a quality education that will bring them to new levels no matter what life has in store for them. An app education can provide a child with the knowledge and confidence to make wise choices and we take that very seriously. To ensure this level of education we have carefully planned out our common core curriculum, which of course is up to par with California standards as well as being approved and accredited in the United States. This curriculum is widely acknowledged throughout the world and has been reviewed and approved by Egypt’s Ministry of Education.

We believe that in order to have a great educational experience a child also needs to be in a positive learning environment to let this knowledge sink in, as well as building vital social skills. We at SFS are proud to foster a warm, safe and inviting environment for our students and teachers. We hope that you might consider us when making a choice about the future of your children.s

For Grades 6 to 12

The School starts at 8:00 a.m. and the school day is divided into eight periods. Each period is 45 minutes. A five-minute break is allowed between classes for students to move from one room to another.

Physical education and arts are offered on a regular basis.

SAT and support classes are integrated into the curriculum during the school day.


Core Subject

Reports and Parent-Teacher Meetings

In addition to weekly quizzes, students must sit for four Quarter Exams. A twice a year parents’ meeting will be held at the School as to give the chance to the parents to discuss the academic achievement of their son/ daughter with their teachers or the administrators.

 Support Classes

Students who score (D) or below, will be asked to attend the support classes after school hours, which are free of charge.

SFS uses the widely acknowledged letter grading system shown in the following table:

(Grade Point Average) G.P.A

The school year is divided into four quarters or two semesters. Final grades at the end of the academic year are determined by averaging the two semester grades.At SFS, a “pass” is understood to be 60% or more and the score that is below 60% is considered   as a failed subject.

The GPA will be calculated as follows:

Grades will be calculated to ensure that each student receives a fair reflection