Dear Grade 11 and 12 Parents,

               Kindly be informed that SAT registration will be either at Amideast, 38 Mohey El Deen Abou El Ezz ,El Dokki,  (hot line: 19263) or online at  Test takers are required to add to item 12a on their registration form the AMIDEAST DI Code (7897), the Ministry of Higher Education DI Code (6134), and Cairo University code (7437). If a student registers on line, he/she is required to add these codes as well.    Scores sent to the AMIDEAST DI Code (7897) are requested by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and/or Tanseeq offices.  

*Individual / walk-in students must register with AMIDEAST by the early registration deadlines.

*A recent photo is required .


Kindly be informed that October’s registration at Amideast is from 9:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. daily except for Fridays and Saturdays.


Test dates                      Individuals’ deadline            Test type

October 7, 2017           August 23, 2017                 SAT I / SAT Subject
November 4, 2017       September 20, 2017           SAT Subject
December 2, 2017       October 18, 2017                SAT I / SAT Subject
March 10, 2018           January 24, 2018                 SAT I
May 5, 2018                 March 21, 2018                   SAT I / SAT Subject
June 2, 2018                 April 18, 2018                     SAT Subject

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