Teaching Staff

SFS’s teaching staff comprises a dedicated team of professionals with a wealth of experience in their field of education, the academic subjects they teach and the personalized care they give to every single student. And, to keep up with our high academic standards and the quality of learning that our School is famous for, all teachers carefully monitor and evaluate our students regularly.

With a passion for inspiring our students’ effort and great achievements, SFS’s teaching staff is renowned for being one of the cornerstones of our School’s solid foundation. Our I.G.C.S.E. teaching staff is known for having a substantial number PhD holding professors with no less than 25 years of academic experience and a proven track record of distinction. To ensure the achievement of academic success, students must sit for a Mock Examination, which provides the teachers with the basis for the Forecast Grades demanded by CIE before the final exams.

Our teaching staffff is also available for students outside classes during Office Hours. Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers during these extra hours, to ask questions or revise what they’ve been taught in class. Office Hours are scheduled by SFS’s teaching staff after the regular school day according to a separate timetable.

As set by our high academic standards, the students’ performances are timely measured against our performance indicators and rigorous benchmarks. SFS’s teaching staff keeps parents informed through monthly written reports, face-to-face parents-teachers meetings, as well as daily reports in case of their children’s academic or behavioural shortcomings.

Our experienced and qualified teaching staff endeavours to utilize the best pedagogical practices to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities for success. Ongoing training and continuing professional development programmes are offered to the teachers to ensure that they remain forefront of education thinking and practice.